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Jönköping University | Sweden



Tracking all the way to enrolments can be challenging. But with the right tools, a data-driven approach to student recruitment is within reach.

ESIEE Paris | France



Derek Mainwaring shares how ESIEE Paris benefits from student data insights for international student recruitment.

Laurence Bresh, VP Global Digital Marketing, INTO University Partnerships

Laurence Bresh, VP Global Digital Marketing, INTO University Partnerships

‘We have been working with Studyportals for a couple of years now and we can say that they are currently our best-performing paid digital channel. Together, we have optimised the entire students’ online journey, as well as our enrolment reporting and first-click attribution tracking capabilities. Our common efforts are paying off since the students referred by Studyportals’ search platforms have some of the highest conversion rates when it comes to applications and enrolments.’ (February 2018)

‘Erasmus University has a strong online focus. One of the benefits of web marketing is that online campaigns can be measured meticulously. To determine the effectiveness of our online marketing activities, we measure the conversions from traffic to lead, and from lead to enrolment. Our evaluations have shown that Studyportals deliver qualitative leads that have a better conversion rate than most other platforms.’

Jeroen Jonkman, International Marketing and Recruitment Manager

‘The cooperation with Studyportals allowed Novosibirsk University to significantly increase the flow of students to our website as well as to work more effectively with leads. Studyportals’ Consulting services were also helpful in providing recommendations on how to monitor and track prospective students, how to post information on landing pages more efficiently, and to optimise the application procedures to help us recruit students more effectively. Thanks, Studyportals!’

Olga Yakovleva, Head of Marketing

‘We have been successfully working with Studyportals for the past 5 years. Their professionalism within the field of university marketing, along with their strict customer approach, make them a pleasure to work with. Two years ago, we tried the enrolment-based partnerships for the first time, and the results show that we made the right choice: we managed to double our international student applications and enrolments!’

Mario Burg, Marketing Officer

‘Studyportals is a great tool to help get your program out to prospective students. They went above and beyond to customise our profile for our specific needs and their dedication is how we found the perfect match for our paid Ph.D. student position.’

Erica Burrell, Office Manager, Center for Health and Safety Culture

‘Our web statistics show that our banner campaigns ran on Mastersportals.com and Bachelorsportal.com have been very effective in attracting high volumes and high-quality visitors to our website. Furthermore, the Studyportals team delivers good service, advice and even measured experiments to optimise our web marketing to promote The Netherlands as a study destination.’

Kasia Bruning, Communications Officer

‘We have worked with Studyportals for several years to promote our Master’s programmes through mastersportal.com Through our results-based campaigns we have managed to drive traffic to our webpage and generate leads for our programmes. Most recently we have also commissioned a benchmark study from Studyportals regarding the imminent introduction of tuition fees for non-EU students on our programmes. The benchmark and recommendations both with regards to the setting of the fees and introducing a scholarship system was a great support going forward with the process. Furthermore, the recommendations regarding the scholarship system were also very useful when planning the implementation. Studyportals have always been very generous in sharing their extensive knowledge of the higher education market. In combination with their extensive data deducted from their portal, I’m confident they can support most institutions both with insight and generating quality leads.’

Hanna Donner – Head of Marketing

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‘Studyportals is a partner that we have been working together since 2014. The digital landscape has been changing rapidly and this makes legacy marketing obsolete. As marketers in the higher education, it’s important to keep abreast of trends and to enlist the partners with enough agility and commitment to work together. I am particularly impressed by my colleagues at Studyportals where they are always open to my idea, come back with a solid plan and follow it through to the end of the admission period. Studyportals is able to retain its community of staff so that I have been working with the same team over the past years – the understanding and trust built along the way is crucial when choosing which partners/platform to work with.’

Stephanie Ho, Admissions & Marketing

‘The team at GUS has been working with Studyportals for close to 10 years now, promoting 10 of our institutions in the UK, Canada, Germany, the US and Singapore. We are incredibly happy with the support Studyportals has been providing us – allowing us to build our institutions’ brands across key international student markets. Time after time Studyportals has proven to be an excellent channel for us, allowing us to recruit the right candidates for our institutions. Beyond providing outstanding results, Studyportals has been a true partner. Together we launched successful innovations in our student recruitment approach, and they helped us with data-driven optimisation of our strategy, content, and student journey. GUS and myself are excited about the future of our collaboration with Studyportals, and we are happy to recommend their services to any higher-education institution that is interested to grow their international student population, both in quality and diversity.’

Max Etingen, VP International

‘Athabasca University is an open, online, public university based in Alberta Canada. It provides learning for life to over 40,000 students across Canada and in 87 other countries. AU is well positioned domestically and was looking to expand its reach internationally. This is where Studyportals came in. We engaged Studyportals to help us reach an international market. Our initial contact Michael was very patient and professional walking us through the on-boarding process and our opening Studyportals launch. This launch was so successful that we put Studyportals on hiatus upon the pilot’s completion so we could revamp how we action the resulting leads. During that hiatus, Michael returned to Europe and our contact then changed to Andrew. Studyportals was able to find us a new contact who stepped right into the relationship and managed it in the same patient and professional manner to which we had been accustomed. It’s a pleasure to work with any member of the Studyportals team. If you’re looking for a true partner in international recruitment Studyportals will be that partner for you.’

Michael Shouldice, Relationship focused partnership professional and solutionist

‘Collegium Medicum is the youngest medical university in Poland, but we have already established a strong brand in our home country and are developing internationally. We are delighted with the possibility of increasing our international enrolment by reaching out to prospective candidates from all corners of the world. Studyportals has provided us with a highly effective means of promoting ourselves worldwide, offering a professional and comprehensive service supplemented with active client support, ideas for campaign optimisation, and valuable feedback on our promotional activities. We are perfectly satisfied with our fruitful and hopefully long-lasting cooperation.’

Arkadiusz Jawień, Director of the Centre for Medical Education

‘SNHU is one of the fastest-growing universities in the country. To recruit internationally, we use a wide mix of online channels: Google Adwords, Social Media, Display Networks, Online Portals and others. We have a team of 12 Web Data Analysts that help us track results through to applications/enrolments. Studyportals has proven to be one of the best performing channels for us. Next to an excellent return of investment, the Studyportals team is very supportive and dedicated to helping us reach our goals. I look forward to a continued partnership with Studyportals and would recommend them to other state consortia.’

MacKenzie Hizon, Director of International Recruitment

It’s a pleasure to work with Studyportals – both this website from a professional standpoint of view and personally with their staff. During our cooperation in the past 3 years, we’ve seen the student number generated increased remarkably. This, however, could not be achieved without their innovative and responsive services. Besides what you might be expecting, they can also provide much-tailored marketing proposal based on the university needs. Our experience with them already proved Studyportals to be one of the first-class marketing partners. Studyportals definitely is the first platform I would recommend if your university is seeking to raise your awareness across the globe.

Viola Ye, International Officer

‘Studyportals is an important external traffic generator (following organic search engines) for Fontys in terms of volume. Moreover, the quality of the visitors is very high; the average bounce rate of the Studyportals traffic is only 15%, compared to an average overall bounce rate of 45%, and average bounce rate of 36% for search engines (Google/Yahoo). In addition, the number of pages visited is 45% higher than their website average.’

Arian van Hulsel, Marketing Manager International Office

‘The cooperation with Studyportals is very pleasant and professional. But it’s not just that, we can really see the results. We conducted a research amongst our first-year Master students and at least one-third of them learned about us from Mastersportal.com. They provide high-quality service which is truly worth it. The faculty profile page at Studyportals is well arranged and enables students to get acquainted with all the necessary details and compare particular programmes.’

Marianna Zapotilová, Public Relations Coordinator

‘Study West Virginia and Studyportals teamed up to increase the number of international students in West Virginia by promoting the state and its schools as a study destination. As a consortia, we received a lot more traffic through Studyportals than we would have gotten on our own and I was impressed by how many referrals converted into inquiries for our universities. Additionally, Studyportals has been a great resource for knowledge in the field and has been very helpful in reviewing our analytics.’

Dr. Clark Egnor, Director of International Programs


‘I have been working with Studyportals implementing several campaigns who showed successful outcome and results in the last three years. The speed of answer and the quality of work is at high standards. I would definitely recommend to work with this partner.’

Germano Giansante, Recruiment Advisor

‘We have worked with many companies for the campaigns organised for the University of Bucharest and I can say that the cooperation with Studyportals was one of the most remarkable. Throughout this cooperation, we had a very productive and enriching experience. Our goal to expand the internationalisation process for our faculties was very easily achieved with the help of well-documented and professional advice from the Studyportals’ experts. Overall, we have been very impressed with the quality of the work that they carried out. Their ability to identify the best promotion actions and their mastery of the whole process was exemplary. Studyportals was a partner involved from start to finish.’

Mircea Sava, Head of Communications and Public Relations

‘What convinced me to work with Studyportals was their approach. The idea of their portal not only reflects students’ needs to receive a well-established overview of study and scholarship programmes – the initiators of this portal have been students themselves and just put together what they were missing most during their own studies… And, believe it or not, these guys, with all their sense for result-driven professional interaction and – simply – business: They are friendly, have a great sense of humour – and, if you are not quick enough to hide – come and visit you personally. I hope to have the privilege to continue my work with them for a long time.’

Erich Thaler, Head of International Affairs

At Studyportals, we tailor each of our solutions to your marketing and recruitment goals.
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